East Bay Veterans for Peace Says Restore The Morning Mix

On Saturday, June 14, 2014, VETERANS FOR PEACE East Bay Chapter 
#162(VFP-EB#162) voted to endorse the below petition for the Morning 
Mix and local programming, and also the same time voted to 
co-sign/co-endorse the SF Labor Council Resolution (of June 9) calling 
for the reinstatement of the Morning Mix to drive-time at KPFA.

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Support local community activist programming
at Pacifica and KPFA

We oppose the displacement of the 8:00 AM Morning Mix show on KPFA 
with a network show “Uprising” hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar from LA. A 
new small majority of the Pacifica board of directors are replacing 
local community “activist oriented” programs with what they perceive 
as higher value national programming. We believe that the need for 
local community and labor programming in prime-time is a key factor in 
building support locally and regionally for KPFA and all Pacifica 
Stations. We strongly urge the KPFA Interim General Manager Richard 
Pirodsky, Pacifica Executive Director Bernard Duncan, Pacifica Board 
Chair Margy Wilkinson and the Board of Directors to respect and 
support the needs of the listeners in protecting and advancing local 
community programming throughout the network.