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Pacifica By-Laws

Download a copy of Pacifica’s by-laws here.


Does the $400K Bequest Belong to KPFA?

A Partial Financial Landscape of KPFA

Beholden to Nobody but the Listeners

“SaveKPFA” Squanders $600 Thousand Bucks

Secret Plot Revealed to Hijack Pacifica’s Broadcast Licenses & Assets

Bringing Peace to KPFA

KPFA, the PNB and “Local Control”

Pacifica’s Finances Call For Drastic Action (2014)

13 Years of KPFA Finances (2014)

Virginia Browning

T.M. Scruggs

Historical Analysis: KPFA’s Working Majority Gets Screwed by CWA Job Trust

A KPFA/PACIFICA Chronology 1946-2004

Dan Siegel’s Not-So-Great Decade at Pacifica

Historical Material

The articles below come from a 2011 cache of articles and factual information. Many of these articles talk about the staff layoffs and end of KPFA’s long-running Morning Show.  Click the link above for an index of everything on this website.

Current Debt at KPFA, with Summary Audits (2005-2009)

Don’t Drink the KPFA Kool-aid! (On unions at KPFA)

UPDATE:  KPFA Budget Crisis and Staff Reductions – Englehardt

Carol Spooner: What’s Happening at KPFA?

CWA-KPFA Collective Bargaining Agreement 2010-2013

Pacifica Foundation Bylaws

A Response to

George Reiter, Chair, Pacifica National Board: What is at stake at KPFA

What are CWA and the “left” in the Bay Area doing?

Are two people’s jobs more important than keeping KPFA and Pacifica on the air?