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KPFA is the oldest listener-sponsored radio station in the country. It is the flagship station of the Pacifica radio network.

United for Community Radio (UCR) is made up of KPFA listeners and staff who align with a particular perspective on how KPFA and Pacifica should operate and uses this website to communicate to the public.
During the KPFA Local Station Board (LSB) election process the UCR community supports candidates who run on the UCR platform.  We develop that platform to actively grapple with how to:
  • foster broad, local, grassroots reporting and programming,
  • insure training for KPFA community members to propose, produce, and participate in programming
  • insure financial sustainability and transparency
  • transition to new media realities.

UCR members meet to create our platform, identify candidates,  establish working committees, host events and distribute literature. We welcome the submission articles and information that address the planks of our platform for media and  community outreach. We  invite you to participate in  KPFA and United for Community Radio  events, with UCR candidates and members.   Let’s celebrate expanding and deepening  connection with our diverse, courageous and active communities– speaking, singing, writing, painting, marching, and dancing truth to power at this challenging time.

How to reach the United For Community Radio group
Facebook: United for Community Radio KPFA
e-mail: united4communityradio@yahoo.com

To submit articles for this site or give feedback, write: adrienne – at – sonic – dot – net

Photos by Brooke Anderson are used with permission but do not imply his endorsement of the opinions or candidates within the site.  You can see more of his work here.


United for Community Radio

We ask for your support for UCR’s election campaign:

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