On-Air Candidate Forums


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One-Hour Live
Listener Candidate Forums

KPFA Performance Studio
19 Candidates, 4 Forums

(Click on the dates, to listen)

Sharon Adams
Brian Oakchunas
Scott Olsen
Don Macleay
Barbara Whipperman
T.M. Scruggs
Margy Wilkinson
Marilla Arguelles


Yuri Gottesman
Janet Kobren
William Campisi
Mario Fernandez 
Jeremy Miller


Tom Voorhees
David Lynch
Virginia Browning
Sasha Futran



Nelsy Batista, Local Election Supervisor
Substitute Moderator, Leon from Youth Radio/Bay Area MC

 Three or four of the questions asked came from the studio audience.  The names of those asking the question were pulled from a hat.


These candidates were scheduled but did not appear:
Richard Hart
Leland Thompson


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