2012 PLATFORM – United for Community Radio

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United for Community Radio

       KPFA and Pacifica are a priceless resource.
We have the opportunity to be a force for change –
by amplifying the voices of the millions whose needs and desires, opinions and culture are overlooked, marginalized or silenced by the mainstream media.

1.    A Community Resource – To reclaim the mission of Pacifica and KPFA as a commons, with broad and diverse participation, and not to be controlled by any particular group or party.

2.  Both Station and Network – To maintain the integrity and financial viability of  KPFA and the Pacifica network – the national office, all five stations, the 180 affiliates, and the Archives. To develop a financial recovery and sustainability plan for KPFA to ensure its continued survival.

3.  Democratically Governed–To support governing boards that are elected by proportional representation, and that collaborate with, ensure accountability, and exercise oversight of station management.

4.  Program Council – To reactivate the Program Council, including representatives from the listener community and staff (unpaid and paid), to evaluate current and proposed programs.

5.  A Voice for Progressive Social Movements –To advocate for news, public affairs, music, arts and cultural programming that incorporate the voices of people’s movements and communities – including struggles for protection of human and labor rights, civil liberties and the environment; for social equality, self-determination of peoples, and freedom from imperialist domination and war. To balance the often difficult news with programming that is uplifting and facilitates human connections. We envision a vital and imaginative radio station that resonates with those reached by our signal.

6.  Mutual Respect– To recognize and respect the essential roles of unpaid and paid staff and apprentices, volunteers, management, and listeners. To foster cooperation and equal access to resources and training within the station, including the right to union representation, thus empowering both paid and unpaid staff to better fulfill Pacifica’s mission and potential. When major issues relating to Pacifica and KPFA are reported on the air, on the website, or at KPFA events, it should be in a fair and accurate manner.

7.  Listener Input – To ensure that the listeners have opportunities to  provide input  to  the station through various forms of feedback, including two annual, bylaws-mandated  Local Station Board (LSB)-hosted Town Hall meetings, regularly scheduled listener call-in shows and surveys.

8.  Web Presence – To improve KPFA’s web presence, including searchable archives by show and by subject, with links to background information and related stories. To work to integrate video, transcripts, live streaming and social media. This will help us to reach current and potential communities of listeners with KPFA’s unique content.

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