T.M. Scruggs

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From TM Scruggs—Listener Representative

T.M. Scruggs

T.M. Scruggs

I am an educator, musician, and long time social activist, involved in community/non-profit media for over 30 years.

My various forms of organizing and cultural work have proven to me that media is the crucial battleground for providing information and framing issues that determines a societys political direction.

I am a founder of TRNN-TheRealNewsNetwork (therealnews.com), and on the Board of Advisers of truthout.org.  KPFA and Pacifica need to greatly strengthen its internet presence, including live streaming, and better support our internship program: both will increase youth participation. I created a successful, growing non-profit. Resolving the financial straits of KPFA and Pacifica is my top priority.

I speak fluent Spanish with a history of activism, including community media, in US Latino communities and in Latin America. I have volunteered at community radios in every city I have lived in since high school. United for Community Radio (RadioUCR.org) best represents my views. In my one year already on the LSB I have worked hard to dilute factionalism, and I pledge to be open minded and creative.

Endorsers: Bruce Dixon; Ed Holmes; Marilyn Langlois; Barbara Lubin; Michael Parenti.