No Ballot? Request a Replacement

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If you haven’t received a ballot yet, it’s unlikely to get one UNLESS you request a replacement ballot.  It’s not difficult.  Every thing you need to know is below.  Please take the time, protect your right to vote and support our candidates.

From: “Local Election Supervisor-KPFA Earl Johnson” <>
Date: August 30, 2016
If you are requesting a replacement ballot, please be sure to include your email, phone number and mailing address, [and send to the e-mail address above.]
If you did not receive a ballot and think you are an eligible voting member, please include your eligibility information (proof of membership or staff hours) along with your name, mailing address and phone number.  Please specify if you prefer to vote online or wish for us to mail you a paper ballot, which will take longer to receive.
If you are requesting a candidate pamphlet please note, the printed candidate pamphlet only includes the 200 word statements provided by the candidates.  You can find more complete information online at including up to 500 word statements, answers to the optional questionnaire and candidate audio files.  If you still wish to receive a printed copy of the candidate pamphlet, please include your mailing address.
Please think greenly in your choice of digital verses paper ballots and pamphlets as well as the cost to KPFA for printing and postage.