Proposal: Emergency Expansion of Pacifica’s Program Sharing Network

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Carol Wolfley

Carol Wolfley

By Carol Wolfley

As Pacifica is struggling for survival, expanding the news and public affairs network is a strategy for sustainability at a time when people urgently want dependable information from independent sources. This idea has developed among a group of KPFA Community Advisory Board members, Local Station Board directors and supporters from other stations and affiliates nationally. This proposal may be used in conjunction with financial and governance planning and incorporated into proposals from stations not able to meet basic expenses or having programming challenges.

The idea is to expand Pacifica’s news, public affairs and cultural program distribution network by identifying additional programs to be syndicated and for the posting of audio and video broadcast specials (i.e. conventions, demonstrations, etc.) through a centralized system. Communications about available programs and segments could be coordinated among programmers, staff and community journalists from all five Pacifica stations and 200+ affiliates. Program sharing could reduce production and salary costs and give stations the necessary time to reorganize, do outreach and build membership while continuing to operate.

Fortunately, the base technology for this project is already available through Pacifica’s Audio Port system and the “Pacifica Announce” email list. A number of stations currently share news and public affairs programming. Ursula Ruedenberg, the Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator, is presently involved with the existing program-sharing hub—Audio Port and is aware of interest in expanding its’ use.

from the blog "Moving at the Speed of Creativity" See below for link.

from the blog “Moving at the Speed of Creativity,”  website link below.

In considering this project, some preliminary questions include how to:

  • Organize communication for network-wide planning— connecting through emails and phone conferences with interested parties and at national independent radio conferences
  • Plan collaboration on national election coverage
  • Invite community journalists to share audio and video segments with the Pacifica Network through identified social media platforms
  • Promote existing syndicated Pacifica programming within and beyond the Pacifica Network
  • Identify additional independent, cost-effective sources for national and international news and decrease purchase of pro-corporate perspective sources (i.e. AP and FSN)
  • Support production and sharing of additional news and public affairs programs in Spanish and other languages

At this crucial time, this proposal may provide impetus for protecting the Pacifica network and mission. Portions of it may be implemented immediately by helping stations to post and share programs through the Audio Port as other aspects of sustainability plans are developed.   Please place this item on the next PNB agenda for careful consideration.

Carol Wolfley is a UCR candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board election 2016. She is a member of the KPFA Community Advisory Board and the {CAB} News and Public Affairs Task Force.

Graphic from Moving at the Speed of Creativity.