KPFA Community Input Meeting – Please Attend

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Attend a KPFA Community Input Meeting
Saturday March 26, 2016, 2 to 4PM
Tarea Hall Pittman South Berkeley Public Library — Meeting Room
1901 Russel Street, Berkeley CA 94704
Cross street @ Martin Luther King Jr. Way, one long block from Ashby BART.

kpfaThe KPFA Community Advisory Board (CAB) invites community journalists, KPFA programmers, staff, activists, writers, artists, musicians, volunteers and listeners from throughout the KPFA signal range for a lively exchange about the station. We urge you to attend and share conversations and proposals about how KPFA 94.1 FM and can address the issues that you and your organizations care about.

The Community Advisory Board wants to hear your ideas about:
* what issues you want covered on KPFA
* suggestions for news, arts and cultural affairs, and other programming
* station operations, governance, priorities, policies etc…
* diversity, racial equality and KPFA’s mission
* how the station relates to communities in its Bay-Area-wide signal range
* what role you and others can play in supporting KPFA
* how you’d like to be involved with the station
* KPFA’s use of live streaming, podcasts, social media and new technologies

Topic suggestions, community literature and participation in small and large groups are welcome.

This meeting is free to the public and wheelchair accessible. The KPFA Community Advisory Board gathers information to give to the KPFA Local Station Board and management as we help to strengthen our KPFA and Pacifica community network. For more information or to send written feedback about KPFA email

United for Community Radio (UCR) members work with the Community Advisory Board and other UCRorganizations to support KPFA and Pacifica. We value them as irreplaceable, strategic and transformative resources for amplifying the voices of millions who are overlooked, marginalized or silenced by corporate media in the face of police militarization, racism; and housing, health, water, economic, educational, and environmental depredation.

Issues UCR MEMBERS may bring to the CAB meeting
* Promote a morning mix of community-sourced, local, daily prime-time programming – making news together. This includes addressing attacks on immigrants, violence directed at people of color and discrimination based on race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, and disability.

* Join the global media revolution by:

Updating KPFA website technology so that KPFA reporters can generate news headlines and stories that challenge corporate media’s dominant narratives on the Worldwide Web,

* Provide free real-time video streaming of demonstrations, rallies and other news events. Offer low-cost access to recorded videos of lectures and other cultural activities.

* Provide a transparent and sustainable budget that aligns spending with actual income; decrease the number of pledge drives. No underwriting/advertizing.

* Re-establish a program council with decision making authority and broad-based listener and staff participation to evaluate existing programs and new proposals.

* Counter the influence of corporate political parties’ monopoly on opinions and assert a clear anti-war perspective. Honor the value of drama and humor and include them in our programs.

* Improve access to resources and training for unpaid staff and provide all staff, paid and unpaid, the right to unionize.

* Participate in a network-wide process to further democratize Pacifica/KPFA and improve financial stability. We are committed to preserving the 5 stations, the national archive and affiliate services.