Richard Hart

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Richard Hart
Richard Hart

Richard Hart – former natural foods store owner, Berkeley progressive activist, longtime WBAI member

My name is Richard Hart. Voting for the UCR team will do the most for KPFA, please vote for us.  I am originally from New York and have come to live in Berkeley some years ago.  My Family and I have been listening to Pacifica, WBAI NYC for over 50 years.  We are passionate adherents of truth, justice and peace and have been working and donating our time and money to what Pacifica stands for– a most important voice that it is and can be.  I have co-produced with Robert Knight at WBAI on a solar energy and technology show and have worked the KPFA crafts fair here in SF.

While in New York I owned a natural foods store in Greenwich Village.  I have a strong interest in how essential alternatives are for people, enabling them to be healthier and free from unnecessary infirmity.  I’d like to see more practical health informational airings on KPFA for said reasons but only if it serves and appeals to the listenership.

If selected as a board member I pledge to be committed to enhancing cooperation at KPFA, a most important aspect of our station’s health.  KPFA needs to heal the divisiveness that hampers what KPFA could and should be.  If I can make a difference in this respect, then it will be worthwhile for me to be on the board.  That is my purpose.

The station must become financially responsible before it is too late.  Financial responsibility is more important than ever in our modern world and it is a critical aspect of KPFA’s ability to do what must be done for our community.  That must be a major priority.  We do not want KPFA sold or leased under any circumstances and I stand strongly against anyone or any group that would consider such an option.  Censorship as well must not be tolerated at our station by any management decision.

The world is rapidly changing and KPFA cannot be left by the roadside.  New and more creative ways of generating income via patronage, grants, concerts, etc. must be developed with less reliance on airtime funding.

Programs must be fresher with broadened listener appeal and with sensitive and intelligent guidance, oversight and listener feedback.  Good to have an up to date tech and computer show as they have on WBAI with caller questions about computers and cell phones giving expert advice.  A show for pet owners, for the disabled.  More classical music, which is lacking on radio in general now, will enrich the station. Make it easier for people with financial issues to donate and feel better about supporting KPFA with smaller monthly amounts that anyone can afford.  Make streaming of KPFA benefit talks available after the talks are given for those not able to attend for a minimal fee.  I support a better mix of news that is more locally relevant.  Time cannot be wasted with lack of co-operation back biting, and factionalism or with selfish, self-interested management.

Official Q & A

In what ways are the station moving in a positive direction, that you would want to continue or perhaps improve?
The potential is here!  Now is the time, without a doubt to insure unity and co-operation; this must happen now. Let us not fiddle while Rome is burning or before we know it we will be burned out of a most valuable resource, KPFA our beloved station that we do not want to live without.  What ever it takes unity and co-operation must happen now.  I am committed to that for all of us.  That is what we want for the good of all.  We have what it takes!
In what ways are the station moving in a negative direction, that you would want to stop or change? What changes would you work for?
We cannot afford the current dis-unity, it is counter productive and self destructive.  We cannot tolerate self serving and must embrace truly working together now before we lose this wonderful resource. Censoring cannot prevail here by anyone or any group.  Unity and co-operation can happen and must happen now period.  I take a powerful stand to achieve such workability.
What key experience, connections, skills or traits would you bring to the Local Station Board to advance the station’s mission?
My skills are in business and management.  As a business owner I know financial data must be properly considered and acted upon responsibly.  KPFA cannot live in an irresponsible dream world in any way now.  Our world is moving faster and old ways must be streamlined and revised; we must be financially prudent and careful.  With care and co-operation we can do this; without these essential elements we will not survive.
What ideas do you have for helping the station and the Pacifica Foundation meet the financial challenges currently being faced?
Basic responsible transparent financial procedures must be observed so as to use our financial resources properly and to insure that that is being done with careful oversight.  With creativity untapped resources must be explored by a small team devoted to doing this.  More and bigger events, concerts, patrons, grants, endowments etc, these means are out there to be gotten and they can be.  I will support these endeavors