Gray Panthers Letter of Support for The Morning Mix

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imagesGray Panthers of San Francisco

2940 16th Street, Room 200-4

San Francisco CA 94103




1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way

Berkeley, California 94704


Dear Richard Pirodsky, Interim General Manager,

As a long-time supporters of KPFA, even prior to the 1999 attempted take over of our station, we strongly object to changing the Morning Mix programming. If this is listeners’ sponsored radio then we your listeners and supporters must be taken into account on such a major change of community focus.

The Morning Mix is the most diverse group programmers on KPFA. It specifically keeps us informed on local issues and ways to organize with labor, the African American community, the Richmond community’s fight against Chevron, and Poor News Network campaigns. Though the stories covered by Project Censored are not always local, they are not heard on corporate media. It is better to have the variety that comes with a show like the Morning Mix than to turn over these 5 hours a week to single program, Up Front. Uprising from LA could be combined and/or alternated withUp Front at the 7:00AM time slot.

In this era of complete corporate control of the media, we can protect the few remaining independent media sources. Changing of the Morning Mix affects our access to local media control and a progressive media forum.

The community wants the Morning Mix returned to its original time slot!


The Gray Panthers of San Francisco Board of Directors

Patricia Jackson, Convener

Michael Lyon, Treasurer

Denise D’Anne, Secretary