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The board majority’s request for a restraining order to empty the national office of community members who have been occupying Pacifica’s headquarters since March 17th, when Executive Director Summer Reese cut off a flimsy padlock and returned to work, was not granted today.


Judge Petrou continued the request, deciding to address it after a preliminary injunction hearing in PDGG vs Pacifica scheduled for May 6th. 

Oakland mayoral candidate Dan Siegel spoke for the board majority, claiming to represent the Pacifica Foundation, but was unable to convince the judge that an emergency existed. The court declined to authorize the Berkeley Police Department to attack the national headquarters. Since the Berkeley Police Department, according to Siegel’s filing, was unwilling to take any action absent a court order, the lack of action maintains the status quo.


The next legal deadline is on April 30th when the PDGG directors will file their final brief prior to a May 6th hearing for a preliminary injunction to maintain Reese’s contract, reverse the bizarre re-hiring of the former CFO, and suspend or remove board officers and KPFA rep Fuentes for breaches of duty.


Once again, those opposed to the abrupt personnel moves of the rogue board majority outnumbered supporters of Save KPFA/JUC by a large number at this morning’s early AM hearing. 


On Tuesday April 29th, an ad-hoc group called the “Coalition Against The Corporate Takeover of KPFA and Pacifica” plans a press conference and protest in front of Siegel and Yee’s offices at 499 14th Street at noon. The group is demanding Siegel’s firm “get their conflicted hands off of KPFA and Pacifica” and declares “it is time to call a halt to this wrecking operation.” 


They released the following statement – printed here in its entirety.  PIE does not endorse particular events, but tries to make information easily available.  


Mayoral candidate and former KPFA LSB member and Pacifica executive director Dan Siegel and his company partners are seeking to bleed Pacifica of tens of thousands of dollars. They engineered a corporate take-over of the Pacifica board and illegally fired Pacifica Executive Director Summer Reese. They are now spending tens of thousands of dollars hiring lawyers to defend the illegal firing. These include Hunter Pyle formerly from the Siegel operation.  All to to keep control of the Pacifica Foundation.  They are  bleeding funds from KPFA and Pacifica like there is no tomorrow.  

This is taking place at the same time that WBAI in New York has no funds to pay to keep it’s phones on.  So much for saving the network. 

Corporate family member Jose Luis Fuentes who took Siegel’s position on the board, and without being on the Pacifica board for even a month personally made the illegal motion  at 4:00AM EST in the morning to fire Summer Reese.  Siegel lawyer Fuentes also failed to notify all the board members that action would be taken to remove the ED, which is required under the bylaws.  This is yet another example of the “lawyering” at the Siegel and company law firm.

They are now petitioning the court to get the police to raid the Pacifica Foundation and arrest the occupiers. This is the same group “Save KPFA” and their supporters at KPFA who called the police on KPFA unpaid Black community programmer Nadra Foster who was beaten up by the police and then banned by KPFA management in 2008. Dan Siegel,said  he was “surprised” he police would beat up a Black woman in Berkeley.

This corporate coup must be opposed by all who support democratic community radio and want to stop the planned bankruptcy of the Pacifica Foundation organized by this crew. It is time to call a halt to this wrecking operation and demand an end to his corporate take-over of Pacifica and KPFA.

Call  and fax Siegel,Yee  and Company and demand they get their crooked hands off Pacifica and KPFA. They have already done enough damage at KPFA and Pacifica. 510-839-1200 Fax 510-444-6698

 Coalition Against The Corporate Take-Over Of Pacifica and KPFA

A FAQ about the events of the last 75 days can be found here. 

An open letter signed by hundreds of the network’s staffers and supporters objecting to the breach of Reese’s contract can be found here

 Summer Reese provided this Report From The Executive Director and sent it to the national board. 

A satirical look at the chaos at the radio stations and what the future holds amid rumors of a network breakup by the Twit Wits comedy troupe (produced by noted theatrical producer George Coates) can be found here. 

Reese has continued to report to work at the national headquarters since March 17th.

April 27 2014