Wednesday, April 9, 9 am
Department 15 (Superior Court)
1221 Oak Street, Oakland


Judge Ioana Petrou

Judge Ioana Petrou

The request for a hold on various actions by the current Pacifica Board majority is set to be heard this Wednesday, April 9 at Department 15, (Superior Court), 1221 Oak St in Oakland.  The hearing begins at 9 am.  Please arrive by  8:45 am.

If successful, this action will prevent the firing of current executive director Summer Reese until the case can be heard fully.   It will also prohibit other problematic actions.  The request will be heard by Judge Ioana Petrou.  For a text of the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), click here.

It is crucial that the courtroom be filled with supporters of Summer Reese’s executive director contract.  Clerks, Judges, court personnel pick up on this sort of thing (no demonstrations in the courtroom, no outbursts, just being there demonstrates support).  Brilliant movement lawyers loose brilliant legal cases in empty courtrooms, average movement lawyers win average cases in full courtrooms.

Be prepared to wait.  This will not likely be the only case set for 9 am and judges frequently move the more complicated cases to the end of the morning calendar.